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What is SAP SD ?

  • SAP SD modules tackle all transactional processes like enquiries, proposals, quotations, pricing and others associated with inventory control and management.
  • SAP sales and distribution (SD) module comprises of master data, system configuration, and transactional data.
  • Some of the other SAP modules that are closely integrated with SD are Financial (FI), Controlling (CO), Material Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP) modules.

Who can Learn SAP SD ?

  • MBA Marketing
  • Sales Experience will be advantages
  • There are no prerequisites to this course. Anyone with an interest to learn can become an expert.

What are Roles & Responsibilities of SAP SD ?

  • Facilitate the implementation and support of SAP SD
  • Facilitate workshops to collect business requirements
  • Design, customize, configure and testing of SD.
  • Identify gaps, issues and work around solutions.
  • Document functional designs, test cases and results.
  • Provide ad-hoc training and user support as required

What is Future Scope of SAP SD ?

  • SAP SD has a market share of around 0.8% and a huge growth potential in the future.

What is Salary Package of SAP SD ?

  • Ranges between $75,553 to $110,136 per year.

Where is Job Opportunities in SAP SD ?


  • SAP SD generates around 22,000 jobs a year
  • You can work as,
  • SAP SD consultants
  • Purchase Executive
  • SAP SD functional Configurator
  • Sap End User
  • SAP SD Plant Maintenance analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • SAP Functional Analyst in SD
  • Team Leader


  • Introduction
  • SAP SD Overview

Enterprise Structures in Sales and Distribution

  • General Sales and Distribution Structures
  • Sales and Distribution in SAP ERP
  • Sales and Distribution Structures of the Model Company IDES,Inc

Overview of Sales Processes

  • Process Overview
  • Sales Processing
  • Shipping Processing
  • Billing Document Processing

Master Data in Sales and Distribution Processes

  • Customer Master
  • Material Master
  • Customer - Material Info Record
  • Condition Master Data for Pricing
  • Additional Master Data

 Sales and Distribution Processes - Data Determination and Collective Process

  • Function of the Sales Document Type
  • Plant, Shipping Point and Route Determination
  • Shipping Scheduling
  • Collective Processing in Sales and Distribution

Availability Check

  • Basics
  • Simple Scenarios
  • Transportation Processing

Sales and Distribution Processes with Make - to - Order Production

  • Presales Processing
  • Function of the Item Category
  • Assembly Processing

Complaint Processing

  • Credit Memo Requests
  • Returns
  • Invoice Correction Requests
  • Advanced Returns Management

 Analyses of Sales and Distribution Proc

  • Lists and Reports
  • Sales Information System

 Company Structure - Customizing

  • Enterprise Structures in Sales and Distribution

SAP Order Processing

  • Information Sources and Data Transfer
  • Selected Entry Aids and Techniques

 Controlling Sales Documents

  • Basic Principle of Business Process Control
  • Controlling Sales Documents - Sales Document Types
  • Controlling Sales Documents - Item Category
  • Controlling Sales Documents - Schedule Line Categories

 Data Flow

  • Data Flow in the Application
  • Copying Control

 Special Business Transactions

  • Special Business Transactions


  • Incompletion Log
  • Configuration of the Incompletion Procedure

 Outline Agreements

  • Scheduling Agreements and Quantity Contracts

Value Contracts

 Material Determination, Listing and Exclusion

  • Material Determination
  • Material Listing and Exclusion

 Free Goods

  • Free Goods

 Concept and Function of the Delivery Document

  • Idea and Function of the Delivery Document

 Basic Organizational Units for the Delivery Process

  • Basic Organizational Units for the Delivery Process

 The Goods Issue Process Based on the Delivery

  • Basic Organizational Units for the Delivery Process

 Process and Functions Based on the Delivery

  • Picking Outbound Deliveries
  • Packing Processes
  • Goods Issue
  • Special Functions for Processing Deliveries

 Condition Technique in Pricing

  • Basics of Pricing
  • Introduction to Condition Technique

 Pricing Configurator

  • Overview of Pricing Configuration
  • Customizing Pricing Components

 Working with Condition Records

  • Pricing Reports and Maintenance

 Condition Types

  • Special Condition Types
  • Statistical Condition Types

 Overview of Billing

  • Billing Overview
  • Integration of the Billing Document in the SD Process Chain
  • Working with Organizational Units in Customizing

 Controlling the Billing Process

  • Billing Type Controls

 Data Flow

  • Data Flow and Copying Control

 Creating Billing Documents

  • Options for Creating Billing Documents

 Types of Settlements

  • Invoice Combination and Invoice split
  • Invoice List

 Special Business Transactions

  • Billing Plans - Periodic Billing and Milestone Billing

 Copying Control

  • Copying Control

Text Control

  • Text Control

 Output Configurator

  • Output Configurator


  • Quotation and Follow on Quotation
  • Rush Order and Cash Sales
  • Consignment Process
  • Contracts -1, Document flow and billing Plan, Creation
  • Credit Memo and debit memo: Returns
  • Copy Control and Log of Incompletion
  • Reports
  • SAP SD Tables

What is the SAP SD Course Duration ?

  • Overall - 2 Months
  • Batch Mode - Daily / Weekend.

What is the SAP SD Course fees ?

  • Our fees are dependent on batches, You can call our executive and they tell you current batch fees.

Who are the trainers for SAP SD Course ?

  • We have experienced trainers team with us, who is having more than 5+ years real time industry experience, other than that they have teaching experience.
  • Our trainers are experts in their field and have thorough domain knowledge and hands-on industry expertise.

Do you provide SAP SD Course training material to the candidates ?

  • Yes, study material will be provided to you in our website, we will give you access to our study material.

How to register ?

  • There are two ways of getting register for the course, one you can enter Name, Email, Phone and Course and registrar on website.
  • Second, you can simply give us a call our executive will do all the needful for you.

What are the payment options ?

  • Bank Transfer (NEFT)
  • Cheque Payment
  • Google pay, Paytm
  • Western Union Money transfer

Will I get a demo class ?

  • Yes, you can registrar for Free Demo class.

What is system configuration required for an online training class ?

  • You don’t need any special configuration, have the proper equipment like headphone, internet, regular configured course.

What if I have any questions during the class ?

  • You can always ask any questions during class and the trainer will right away answer your question.

What if I miss a class ?

  • You don’t need to worry we will give you recorded session, and we will let u know the class time for missed class from another batch, you just need to manage time.

Will there be interactive classes, Practical classes with real-time exposure ?

  • There will be an interactive call, we will take practical classes.

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    SAP SD Sales & Distribution Course Practical Training.

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