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What is SAP BI Module ?


Who can learn SAP BI ?

  • As such, there are no prerequisites for learning SAP BI.
  • The user should be Graduate in Engineering, B.Com , B.Sc , MCA or have completed any Masters Degree.

What is Roles and Responsibility of SAP BI ?

  • There are several roles that a consultant plays, right from the implementation of a project to support.

Important roles and responsibilities are:

  • Understanding key business requirements
  • To define and set up a taxation structure
  • Making preparations for internal and document testing

What is Future Scope of SAP BI ?

  • SAP BI has a market share of about 0.2% and a great growth scope in future.

What is Salary Package of SAP BI ?

  • The average salary is approximately $75,558 to $110,194 per year.

Where is Job Opportunity in SAP BI ?


  • SAP BI generates around 22,000 jobs a year

You can work as,

  • SAP BI consultants
  • BI Executive
  • SAP BI functional Configurator
  • Sap End User
  • BI Manager
  • SAP Functional Analyst in BI
  • Team Leader

Architecture of SAP  

  • SAP Landscape  

  • SAP Sources  

  • Non SAP source  

  • Application of SAP Landscape SAP (AG)  

  • SAP BW 7.3  

  • Query Designing and Reporting  

  • SAP BOB 14.0  

  • SAP Hana  

  • SAP BODS 4.0  

  • Business objects of 


  • OW BW WORKS?  

  • SAP BW Works  

  • SAP BW Works Model description  

  • PSA data sources  

  • Info provider  

  • Transformation & DTP  

  • Modeling Char & KF 

End to end Data warehousing module and Architecture of SAP-BW  

  • End to end Data warehousing module  

  • Modeling  ETL  

  • Reporting  


  • SAP easy access  

  • Data warehousing workbench  

  • SAP BW Simple Architecture  

  • Description of architecture 

Sap BW modelling 

  • Sap BW modelling  

  • CHAR and KEYE  

  • Source system 

  • SAP Source and NON SAP source  

  • Data source  

  • PSA  

  • INfo Providers (Info, cubes, DO, Char)  

  • Modelling

Transformation and Scheduler  

  • How to extract data from Flat File to SAP BW (DS) PSA  

  • Transformation  

  • ETL sources  

  • Internal source  

  • External source  

  • Load  

  • How to change data sources ZDS_EMP (FFSS-ABC)  

  • How to edit figure salary  

  • How to edit info object catalog  

  • Creating a Meta data of target  

  • How to create an application of company  

  • How to change Data source ZDC_D (Z file)  

  • Scheduler (Maintain info Package) 

Data Schema  

  • SAP BW-Master Data  

  • SAP BW-Master Data Cable  

  • SAP BW- Extended star schema  

  • SAP BW-Master data load  

  • Attribute of Master Data  

  • Text of Master data  

  • Hierarchies of Master data 

SAP BW-Info providers

  • Characteristics of info provider  

  • Overview of data store object (DSO)  

  • Standard data store object  

  • Designing a standard DSO  

  • How to load data in DSO as an info provider  

  • Edit data store object  

  • Display data store object  

  • Display transformation in DSO  

  • Change transformation in DSO 

Data store object(DSO)-Direct object  

  • Functionality of DSO  

  • Advantage of DSO  

  • Drawback of DSO  

  • Creation of DSO 

Data store object(DSO)-write optimized  

  • Write optimized DSO properties  

  • Creation of write – Optimized DSO  

  • Write optimized data for fight data 


  • How to create infoset  

  • Do’s and Don’ts for Infoset  

  • Data Models using for Infoset  

  • When to use Infoset?  

  • Join Concepts 

Info cube  

  • Real time info cube 

  • Golden rule  

  • Info cube structure  

  • Type of info cube  

  • How to create standard info cube  

  • Characteristic of info cube  

  • Key feature  

  • Info cube additional points  

  • Info cube design golden rules  

  • Star schema  

  • Fact table  

  • Extended star schema 

Multi provider and Infoset  

  • Virtual provider and hybrid provider  

  • Updates rules  

  • Hybrid provider 

Routines in transformations(Start & end routines)  

  • Troubleshooting techniques in DTPS  

  • Business contents (BI)  

  • Process chain 

What is Extraction in BW  

  • What is SAP ECC  

  • Types of SAP Extract  

  • Application-Specific  

  • Cross-Application  

  • Step To Create Generic Data Source  

  • Procedure to Extract Data From R3 to BI  

  • Generic Extraction Process  

  • BI Side Info Package Creation 

Lo-Cockpit Description  

  • Lo Data Extraction  

  • What is event?  

  • Delta Initialization  

  • Delta Extraction  

  • Update Method  

  • Update Modes  

  • Setup Table  

  • LUV  

  • Delta Queue  

  • Lo-Cockpit Extraction  

  • Process of Extract 

CO-PA Extractor  

  • How to do CO-PA Extraction 

SAP BW Reporting  

  • Bex Query Designer  

  • How to Design a Query in Bex Query Designer  

  • Bex Query Designer Panel  

  • Bex Query Designer Standard Toolbar  

  • Query Element  

  • Other Query 

  • Element  Query Properties  

  • Filter in Query Designer 

Restriction and Exceptions  

  • Characteristics Restriction  

  • New Selection  

  • Restricted Key Figure 

  • New formula  

  • Structure  

  • Conditions  

  • Exceptions  



  • Drill down operation 

  • Apply filter on the table  

  • Convert the table not the chart format  

  • Broadcast the workbook  

  • Reporting etc.

What is the SAP BI Course Duration ?

  • Overall - 2 Months
  • Batch Mode - Daily / Weekend.

What is the SAP BI Course fees ?

  • Our fees are dependent on batches, You can call our executive and they tell you current batch fees.

Who are the trainers for SAP BI Course ?

  • We have experienced trainers team with us, who is having more than 5+ years real time industry experience, other than that they have teaching experience.
  • Our trainers are experts in their field and have thorough domain knowledge and hands-on industry expertise.

Do you provide SAP BI Course training material to the candidates ?

  • Yes, study material will be provided to you on our website, we will give you access to our study material.

How to register ?

  • There are two ways of getting register for the course, one you can enter Name, Email, Phone and Course and registrar on website.
  • Second, you can simply give us a call our executive will do all the needful for you.

What are the payment options ?

  • Bank Transfer (NEFT)
  • Cheque Payment
  • Google pay, Paytm
  • Western Union Money transfer

Will I get a demo class ?

  • Yes, you can registrar for Free Demo class.

What is system configuration required for an online training class ?

  • You don’t need any special configuration, have the proper equipment like headphones, internet, regular configured course.

What if I have any questions during the class ?

  • You can always ask any questions during class and the trainer will right away answer your question.

What if I miss a class ?

  • You don’t need to worry we will give you recorded session, and we will let u know the class time for missed class from another batch, you just need to manage time.

Will there be interactive classes, Practical classes with real-time exposure ?


  • There will be an interactive call, we will take practical classes.

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